Morgan’s Estates - Yorkshire

A Railway Restoration Story at Station Cottage

How We Turned Around a Neglected Property and Associated Land

When we first arrived at this property, we were faced with a daunting challenge: half an acre of neglectedland and a dilapidated house full of waste, hoarded items, rubbish and some treasures.

The elderly owner had passed away, leaving behind a lifetime of memories and belongings. We knew we had to respect his legacy, but also make the place ready for a sale.

Before Morgan's Estates started work

We rolled up our sleeves and got towork. We cleared out nine skips worth of waste, hoarded items, and rubbish. Wealso found some hidden valuables, such as antiques, period furniture and legaldocuments. We dealt with a rat infestation and felled several trees that poseda safety hazard. It took us several weeks, but we finally transformed theproperty into a marketable estate ready for sale.

The result

After Morgan's Estates completed the clean up
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